I don’t always know when my work is performed or read. The performance rights for LUMP, in particular, are more or less spelled out in the book. If you want to use them for educational/cancer fundraising purposes, go right ahead. Sharing such personal stories has never been about an ego boost or even building a writing career, but about getting the stories out there. I am always stunned and honored when I get word that my work is being used to facilitate cancer support group discussions, or that a sorority is using the monologues to raise money to fight breast cancer.

That is what LUMP is all about.

But every year or so, I remember to Google myself. And I always seem to find a performance or event featuring LUMP that I never knew about. This time, it was an event at LaGuardia Community College in New York City. I wish I would have known. I would have totally crashed that. 🙂

The audience at LaGuardia College listens at the "Witty in Pink" event.

Dealing with cancer is a bizarro circumstance. I’m thrilled that these students took an interest. And I love that the City College of New York Department of Theatre and Speech and the Women’s Center at LaGuardia worked together on this event. Well done!